Orion Appointed on Two New London Schemes

Orion Fire has been appointed by Henry Construction Projects Ltd to provide fire engineering support for two large developments in London – Safari in Harrow and City Road in Hoxton.

Safari is a mixed-use development which will comprise a cinema complex at lower levels and three residential blocks of accommodation between 5 and 12 storeys. The residential blocks will provide 1, 2 or 3-bedroom single level/duplex apartments. The main feature of the building, the art-deco façade, is to be retained and the cinema at ground floor will be revitalised, featuring 4 auditoriums and a café accessible via a feature stair.

The City Road project is a mixed-use development in Hoxton. It will comprise two basement levels occupied by plant and ancillary areas, commercial units between ground and 6th floor and residential apartments from 7th to 21st floor. Along with the various commercial areas, the ground floor will contain entrance lobbies to both parts of the building and further ancillary areas. The 1st to 6th floors will house a total of 15,000m2 flexible commercial office space, and the residential part of the building will provide a range of 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartments with two penthouse apartments on the 21st floor.