Assurance Services

Assurance Services

Our optional Assurance Services provide that extra level of confidence, enabling clients to tailor our fee to meet their requirements while ensuring they remain within budget. It is these services we feel set us apart from our competitors.

Our Assurance Services were developed with the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government’s “Building a Safer Future” ideology in mind. As the independent review of the Building Regulations progress and evolves, developments will undoubtedly require more fire engineering support throughout the development from concept design to handover and occupation. Our Assurance Services detail various additional checks and coordination, which can be hand-picked by the client according to what they feel is most important within their budget, whether that be a full review of all technical design and subcontractor information, or simply a review of a single drawing package.

A summary of our Assurance Services is provided below.

Technical Design Reviews

We can provide a technical design review of the information produced by other consultants and confirm whether this information meets the requirements of the fire strategy. This can include architectural details, cavity barrier locations, M&E drawings, specifications and more.

Subcontractor Design Reviews

We can provide a review of the products proposed by subcontractors and verify that they tested, fit for purpose and in line with the RIBA Stage 4 technical design information.

Site Inspections

We can carry out site inspections to review the status of the construction site against the fire strategy.

Third Party Reviews

We will review fire strategies produced by other consultants ascertain whether or not the recommendations of the fire strategy have been coordinated with the design team.

Pre-occupation Fire Risk Assessments

Based on the knowledge we have accrued from working on the project throughout the construction phase, we will perform the first fire-risk assessment for the building to act as the baseline for future fire risk assessments that may be commissioned by other consultants.