Portfolio Services

Portfolio Services

Not all fire engineering works take place on new-build developments. In addition to our fire strategy design services, we also offer a number of services for building owners and Responsible Persons. These include:

Due Diligence Surveys of Existing Buildings

We will attend site and review the condition of the existing building along with any existing fire safety information that may be available. We will provide a summary of the condition of the building and fire safety information of record with regard to the Fire Safety Order to inform the Client of any potential costs that they may incur from purchasing the site.

Retrospective Fire Strategies

Fire strategies document the required fire safety features within a building. During the design stage they act as the performance objective for the building and after the building is complete they act as a record of what should be in place within the building. These reports have a tendency to go missing over time. We will review your building against the set of regulations that were applicable to it at the time it was built and against the current requirements of the Fire Safety Order as applicable to existing buildings.

Fire Risk Assessments

A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement under the Fire Safety Order. By the nature of our work as fire engineers, working on buildings during the design stage and throughout construction, we know exactly what fire safety systems should be in place within your building and so are best placed to review whether the building has been maintained as required under the Fire Safety Order.