Covid-19 Response

Our Response To Covid-19

COVID-19 continues to impact daily life in the UK and particularly in Manchester.  We are fully committed to continuing to run our business with our workers’ and customers’ health and wellbeing as our highest priority.

Safe Working Environment

We are following the hygiene and physical distancing measures implemented in our office which are as recommended by local government and the World Health Organisation (WHO).  These measures include:

Frequent Cleaning

The frequency of cleaning during the day has been increased, focusing on high touchpoint areas, surface and workspace cleaning to meet global health and safety regulations.

Physical Distancing

The principles of physical distancing have been adapted for the workplace. This includes how people move around the office, with clear information, signage and protocols in place to ensure minimal person-to-person contact.

Visible Signage

Detailed health and safety guidelines are on display in key strategic locations. These guidelines support and remind workers, visitors and customers how to conduct business in the safest possible manner.

Meet Safely

Wherever possible and practical we will conduct meetings online using cloud platforms such as Microsoft Teams.  A meeting room safety protocol has also been established to enable face-to-face meetings where absolutely necessary.  This protocol encompasses the use of spaced seating arrangements to allow for physical distancing and moving around clockwise – all indicated with signage. 

If you require more information about our safety measures please use the contact information below.