Core Services

Core Services

Our Core Services are designed to provide customers with what we consider to be the essential fire engineering services through the entire the project life cycle.

As no two projects are the same, there is no “standard” scope of services. We itemise each deliverable into tasks with an estimation of how long each task will take, providing a fully transparent service with the Client knowing exactly how we have arrived at a price. This approach will also serve to provide a fire engineering brief for the scheme.

Our Core Services are based on taking your project from conception to completion. Below is a summary of how we will achieve this at each stage.


We will identify the key fire safety objectives for the building in meeting Building Regulations and develop a fire engineering brief for the project based on the Client’s aspirations. As the design develops, we will provide input on the sketch layouts provided such that the chosen design is feasible with regard to Part B of the Building Regulations.


We will review the layout of the building with cognisance paid to the aesthetics and site location and produce a pre-planning fire strategy. Our key objective in pre-planning is to provide a thorough review of the external fire spread and fire service access requirements and smoke shaft locations of the building to mitigate the risk of an amendment to the planning application at a later date. Often when we are engaged post-planning approval, alterations to the design are needed from a fire strategy perspective that can affect the aesthetics of the building.


At this stage we will produce our main fire strategy document. This document will detail all relevant fire safety requirements of the building and provide sufficient information for the design team to develop their designs in compliance with Part B of the Building Regulations. We will review the construction methods being considered for the building and provide advice based not only on the design itself, but the buildability of certain elements based on our experience working alongside contractors for many years. We will also produce any technical calculations or modelling (e.g. CFD, evacuation modelling) required by the approvals authorities.


As the design develops, we will be on hand to provide continued support to the design team, assisting in the implementation of the fire strategy into their designs and supporting fire safety coordination between design team members.


We will work with the contractor throughout the build period and provide advice on any issues that arise on site that would impact the fire strategy.


We will review the final design information produced for the building along with the commissioning certificates for the various fire safety systems recommended within our fire strategy. We will then provide a final fire strategy for the building that encompasses any design changes that occurred on site and would affect the fire strategy, giving the Client a document that reflects the building they are taking ownership of.

For many consultancies, this is the only level of service offered. For us, it is only the beginning. Take a look at our additional Assurance Services to find out more.